LLC "Tekhnologii Neftekhimii"
Guaranteed quality and reliability of oil products supply
LLC "Tekhnologii Neftekhimii"
Experts in oil products trading: experience and flexibility
LLC "Tekhnologii Neftekhimii"
Delivery of petroleum products according to your requirements

About us

LLC "Tekhnologii Neftekhimii" is a Russian trading company engaged in the export and import of a wide range of petroleum products and petrochemicals.

Using our industry knowledge and experience in various markets, we quickly deliver products to the consumer. Our accumulated knowledge and experience allow us to produce and deliver the highest quality products in unlimited volumes.

Our company's distinctive features are openness, flexibility, engagement and honesty:

  • we are always open to any suggestions,
  • ready for changes,
  • and we value these qualities in our customers.

We take a responsible approach to the selection of counterparties, as well as to the analysis of contracts and transactions.

Our advantages

  • 01

    High quality products

  • 02

    Transparency and integrity

  • 03

    Experience and expertise in the industry

  • 04

    Reliability and efficiency of delivery

  • 05

    Individual approach to each client

  • 06

    A wide range of products and services


  • Petroleum products

    We maintain a competitive level of prices for petroleum products.

  • Oils and lubricants

    Wholesale and small wholesale range of oil products.

  • Petrochemicals products

    Wholesale and small wholesale assortment of organic and inorganic chemicals.

  • Drilling fluids

    Low-viscosity hydrocarbon base for drilling fluids under its own brand.

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